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God and Aesthetics

This is an article addressing the cogency of the argument that the Old Rite is more pleasing to God than the New Rite. Currently it is unavailable on the internet and is only available in the The Latin Mass Fall 2002 edition.

The Merit of a Mass

This article addresses the question of whether one can say that the Old Mass is more meritorious than the New Mass. Currently it is unavailable on the internet and is only available in the The Latin Mass Spring 2003 edition

The Order of Charity

This article addresses the order of charity and its relationship to the liturgy. Currently it is unavailable on the Internet and is only available in The Latin Mass Summer 2006 edition.


The Morality of the Exterior Act

This is a two-part article which treats of how one derives the moral content of a proposed course of action. It is meant primarily to show that one derives what one is doing morally by conditions which are present in reality which determine how reason formulates the species of the moral act. Unfortunately, the article is not available on the Internet but only in the international review of philosophy and theology Angelicum which is a review of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas in Rome.

Bibliographical data as found in Angelicum, LXXVI (1999), pp. 183-220 and LXXVI (1999), pp. 267-410. This article underwent further development in the first part of the doctoral dissertation. See Books page for further information on obtaining a copy of the dissertation.

Embryo Adoption and Charitable Surrogacy

Certain members within the Catholic Church enjoying the reputation of orthodoxy are promoting charitable surrogacy by the adoption of embryos. This article, addressing the morality of charitable surrogacy, appeared in the Spring 2003 edition of The Latin Mass Magazine.

Sacred Tradition: A Many Splendored Thing (Parts I-VII)

This is a several part series treating the nature and distinctions of tradition. The first part appeared in the Fall 2003 edition of The Latin Mass Magazine and the subsequent parts appeared in successive issues.

Problems with Teaching NFP: Immodesty Unrecognized

This article addresses the practice of treating the anatomical details of NFP to mixed company. it is available online at Homeletic and Pastoral Review but it requires a subscription. The article appeared in the October 2005 addition.

Immanentism and the Ecclesiological Crisis

This series of articles addresses the the underlying foundation of the modernist heresy, viz. immanentism. Currently the first article in the series is available only in The Latin Mass Winter 2007 edition.

The Species and Unity of the Moral Act

This article, published in The Thomist in 1995, addresses certain issues about the object of immoral act. The link provided is for a “visitor” of the web site run by The Thomist. The periodical can be found at most major Catholic universities.

Note: Due to Father Ripperger’s busy schedule, he is not able to respond to any questions concerning Theology, Philosophy, current affairs within the Church or matters of spiritual direction at this time. If you are trying to contact Fr. Ripperger to discuss the case of diabolic influence, go to Any emails sent to this address requesting his help are unable to be forwarded.

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